Hotel Survey form

I just created this hotel survey form:
I’m having trouble aligning the checkbox and radio elements. Need some help

In your HTML wrap the input in the label tag just like in the challenge (lesson).

  • You linked to the font awesome css, but remember to also link to the font.

  • Ain’t it great that even though your positioning is off you can still click the label and the correct checkbox is checked? Test all your other form elements you’ll see that you have <label for=" "> and <input id=" "> errors.

  • City is labeled optional but you made it required.

  • Feel free to review the lesson for the different form elements as you try and fix them.

  • FYI people stay nights at hotels not days.

  • The black text on dark blue is a little too low contrast for some people. I like it. The black in the <h1> is ok because it’s big and bold, but the other black text was a little hard on my eyes because it’s smaller and lighter than the <h1>.

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still can’t solve the issue

Just now I looked and you still have HTML errors that are affecting layout. Hint: the black text above the h3. Currently everything is near the center justified right. I thought you were a student so I gave you hints so you could solve it with the curriculum. Was I wrong? Use online HTML and CSS validators to help you find your errors. then let’s see whats left to fix.

@jaygajjar99 Outstanding!

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