Hour Of Code : Stuck at the IMAGE challenge

After reading Quincy Larson’s post (teacher here) about the Hour of Code, I decide to give it a try before my son would do. I got stuck at the Challenge where you have to change the background.
Apart from the fact that I don’t know why my answer is wrong, everytime I try something else and hit reset, the block showing the message of error doesn’t disappear so I can’t even hit “check” again.
Challenge is : Replace IMAGE with a type of flooring your tigers would like!
There is Dirt, Grass and Stone.

Whatever I write gets me the message : "Did you replace IMAGE with one of the three types: dirt, grass, or stone?
Remember to use the format in the instructions: url(‘assets/IMAGE.jpg’);"
If I reload the page, I am back to the beginning of the Hour of Code with freeCodeCamp.
Thank you for your help :wink:

I haven’t looked at the challenge, but if you are trying to change the background of your page, you could use document.body.style.background = "IMAGE";

Hi tormundgiantsbane, Thanks for your answer. I am not sure I can change the whole statement. will try. Thanks again :relaxed:

Do you have a link to the challenge?

Yes, of course :
Thanks, the-thief.

Important that your choice is in quotation marks and watch upper/lower case

Right ! You are right, I forgot about that, thanks !

Well I tried “Grass” and “grass”. In the preview, it works, I have my empty/blank/default background change to the image of grass we have in the challenge…but it still doesn’t accept my solution when I click “check” :confused:. Never mind, thank you all for your help.