Hours on Certificate?

Just noticed that there is no estimated duration on the courses’ description. Is there any information on that? Is the duration of the course on the certificate?

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Time varies a lot from person to person.

I see. But when I’m done does the certificate contain an estimate of how long the course takes? A friend of mine showed me his certificate and it said 300 hours.

That’s an estimate. You might take significantly longer or significantly less time. Impossible to say.

I know that time varies from person to person, but is anything shown in the certificate? I need the certificate to have any information on time spent (even if it’s a fixed estimate) in order to claim credits in my college.

The certificate says 300 hours. I don’t know that it’s something that really translates to college credit though.

Thank you! I know it doesn’t translate, but I can only negociate some credits if the certificate has any info on that, so it’s good enough.

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Just in case you missed it, we have added the number of hours back to the certifications

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That is great, thank you! Here in Brazil, contractors usually only recognize certificates that have the number of hours.

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