House share cohort

Hi guys and girls, just toying with an idea and was interested in other people thoughts.

The hardest thing about learning something is finding the time and motivation to keep going, with FCC estimated to take 2080 hour to complete the 3 sections that’s almost 3 years if you only spend 2 hours a day, everyday.

My idea is to bring a group of people to live and code together for 6 months, spending about 80 to 90 hours a week just working through FCC.

My thoughts are to charge enough to cover the rent and bills for those 6 months, and hopefully find 4 people interested in joining me on a long and life changing journey?

Any input would be great thanks.

There are legal complications involved, but this is how some bootcamps already operate (albeit for only half that time). I think that if you can find a group of people who are all dedicated to learning, clean up their messes, don’t destroy the house, and don’t try to rape or murder each other, then you’ll have a grand time and it will probably be worth it. If any one of those things is less than ideal, you could be facing lawsuits, or worse. Also, unless one of you owns the house, you’d have a hard time convincing a landlord to let 5 people go into a 6 month lease.

Now, if you could convince a TV producer to put you and 4 other people in a house with cameras, then maybe you’ll have a hit reality show on your hands. Of course, being a producer, they would be unable to stop themselves from throwing a bunch of exciting challenges into the formula, like eating competitions, sea monkey taming, and knife fights, but maybe that’s good for learning. I sure don’t know. What’s important is that you’re no longer responsible for your roommates’ actions.


That sounds like a hacker hostel/house:

nytimes story

wired story

what country?

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:


City, Country? Or have you not decided yet?

The country is the UK, maybe near Birmingham.

@PortableStick thanks for the advice, I will look deep into it.

There are shared spaces you can work on things with others.
My local JS meetup is in one such place.

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I don’t really see any legality issues beyond a basic tenancy agreement, as long as you’re able to find a 6 month lease. Also, birmingham has thousands of big old rental properties aimed at students. I don’t think you’d have any trouble finding a suitable property. I’m also potentially interested :slight_smile:

@obolland I’ll keep you updated if I get any other interest. The property won’t be an issue.