"hover" problem I can't fix


I am having this problem with my tribute page… Check the “videos” part, please. When I hover the images the lower text moves. I think this should happen when I change the size of my images, but I can’t figure a solution. Any more suggestions are welcome, of course!
Thank you for your help!

Well! Thank you so much! I was trying to change the bottom margin, but I was doing it wrong anyway. Now it’s solved! My problem was the math…

Oh, yes, I completely agree with you! But in this concrete case, it was just a joke. :slight_smile: My real problem was that I was not understanding well what I was doing changing the margin value - a box model problem!

Thank you for your time!

By the way… what does your user name means? If you can explain, of course! Does it have anything to do with π?

That’s good enough. :slight_smile: I also had one nickname, that I used a lot, for similar reasons… But you have a nice story behind it, much better than mine could ever be! :smiley: And you can also say that it has a relationship with π, everyone will believe you! Thanks for sharing this!

I was struck with random curiosity this morning and was about to PM you about how to pronounce it (“Is it ‘pea-one-ex-tea,’ or ‘pickst,’ or ‘pixtie,’ or maybe ‘pie-times-tea’?”), but thought to search first.