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Hi guys,

I just finished the technical document page challenge and submit the solution and after that i read that if you copy and paste from the original code just to have some content. could someone look at my project and tell me if that is too much copying. I took the content and gave it my own style and changed most of the page apart from the content.

Thanks :v:

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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So by ‘content’, do you mean you took the text from another site and inserted it into your own HTML structure? And yes, I can tell which site it came from (originally), but my question is, in copying content, did you create your own structure from scratch?

Nobody is expecting master copywriters to come along here. There will be a lot of copying of content (as opposed to copying of structure), or a lot of Lorem Ipsum content going on. In these early stages, it is expected that you may need to take text from publicly available sources, and fit it into your own code. No worries on that score.

Do you feel that your HTML is yours?

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I like how you put it, it totally makes sense for me. So to explain what i did so far in a batter way, i copied some of the structure and played with it to practice and understand what each thing do and how each thing works. I do change a lot of the css and the html code but also follow the original structure a little bit so i have a guideline of how to achieve that design.

Thanks a lot for your time and response,

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well, the projects should be build from scratch by yourself
you are stealing important experience from yourself if you just take a page already done and just change the css a bit

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Wise words indeed. Thanks guys! I will start taking a different approach from now on :+1: