How am I suppose to develop interest in coding problem solving?

I am a beginner-level coder who cannot focus on coding properly; any suggestions?

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I think you just have to ask yourself why you are interested in learning how to code.

Are you interested in starting a career?
Is this a hobby?
Do you have a project that you want to build and that is why you want to learn?

Once you have identified your why, then it will become easier to break through those times when you don’t feel like coding.

But if you are not sure why you are doing this then it will be easy to walk away from it.

Also, being a beginner in anything can be frustrating sometimes. There are a lot of great things about being a beginner but sometimes it can be frustrating to not know a lot of things.

It just takes time to get comfortable with coding.

Hope that helps!


I recommend that you do not focus on coding properly in the beginning and only focus on making your code work. The best way to do that is by starting and building your own projects. I suggest that you find something that you are interested in building and have a go at it. This will create a situation where you have problems that you’re actually interested in solving.

I’ll also add that there is no “right” way to do anything, just conventions and personal preferences. You’ll learn the proper syntax by making lots of errors. You’ll learn how to style your code by writing ugly/ unreadable code. Let go of your expectations and have fun breaking things and trying to put them back together.
In the meantime, fake it until you make it.

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… focus on coding properly

At first I interpreted this as meaning that you have structural issues in your life that don’t leave you the time to focus on it. But the title of your post mentions “to develop interest” which makes me think you’re talking about an attention problem.

[cue old man rant] I would call that one of the scourges of our time - the loss of the ability to sit down and focus on something, even if it isn’t “fun”. We get so addicted to all the serotonin bombs we get from all the bells and lights on social media that people forget how to focus on things that are “boring”.

I don’t know what to say - that’s a valuable skill. But like all skills, it’s kind of like a muscle - the more you do it, the stronger it gets. It’s just going to take discipline. I might suggest books like Deep Work, but ultimately you just have to do it.


When I first started, I enjoyed Grasshopper. The bells and whistles are there XD

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