How am I supposed to use google collab?

keep trying to open up the exercise for data analysis but when I do it says its missing the sales_data.csv

I am having the same issue. Have you been able to open this?

I too am facing the same issue. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated as I am very new to all this and so it all feels quite foreign. - Thanks

hey @noormohamedali, @jlbirm, @HypesheepEX!
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Hi Codely,

Can you assist with the question above?

Please explain more about the question

I am completely new so this all seems rather confusing at this point.

I loaded the github exercises into collab but it seems it can’t seem to find the data file. I am not sure how to upload the data file into collab (if that is the issue ). I would think that when the notebooks get uploaded the data files should as well, but I can’t see them.