How are these front end systems all fit together?

I am currently going through the front end developer certificate. and i have finished html,css,bootstrap,jquery,javascript and object oriented and functional programming . However, when i do these questions i understand what to do. (how to solve as examples are also shown with clear explanation) but i do not know the bigger picture as to how they fit in together. what connections do they have?

The only ting i know clearly is that, html is for web,css is for styling of web.

SO my question is, i know how to solve these but i want to know the bigger picture as to how they link together as clearly as i know how html and css link together. ( how do these link together >_> bootstrap? jquery? javascript? object oriented programming)

could someone shed some light and connect the dots for me please

ALSO when i look at the plain title “jqery” i do not remember what questions i have done in there. i do not have any memory as to what i did there, which makes me think i have forgotten them. But once i read the code i understand what is going on.
(does this situation happen to many people or am i the odd case here?)

SORRY for the NOOBY question !

HTML and CSS control how a web page or web application looks. Bootstrap is a library (prebuilt set of tools) for this.

JavaScript controls how a website or web application behaves. JQuery is a library.

Object oriented programming is just a programming paradigm used by many languages.

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Completely normal. As you use these things more and more sticks in memory. Practice and repetition is the key to fully remembering.

As for how all the pieces fit in - honestly don’t worry about it. Your mental scaffolding of the “big picture” takes on clarity as you move along. You’ll find that things start to fit into place quite naturally as time goes on.

Just keep at it, practice, explore…

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