How are web design and frontend different

I want to become a full-stack developer.
Do i need to know to make awesome looking UIs/UXs. Color theory, all that stuff.
Do i have to write code(html, css, js) for the mockups / pictures / PSD etc.
What IS my job?
Of course I don’t want to become a frontend dev, I want to become a full-stack dev.
I can write not very good looking websites.
I can write websites That “work”.
Thanks :grinning:

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In theory, no, you shouldn’t. That’s what graphics designers do. They are usually in charge of UX too, but that’s something you could do some research on (IMO, it’s more logical than abstract).

In practice, however, many employers/job offers expect you to have those skills (so they can pay less, I suppose).

That said, it’s not a bad idea to know how to use (basically, at least) Photoshop/GIMP and/or Illustrator/Inkscape (to open files, modify tiny details if you need to).


You can’t “want to become” something if you don’t know what that is O.o
Full-stack means you develope BOTH frontend (the website users see) and the backend (what actually happens when users interact with the website).

So you need to know everything that comes to a website…
Though if you work in a bigger team with people tasked with UX-design, you would only need to turn their design-ideas (done in Photoshop or something) into an actual website. No idea if this would still count as fullstack, because you give part of the job away.


It depends. Some companies will have a full-time UX designer. Some won’t. Some teams that don’t have a designer will have a frontend dev or two who are particularly good at design and will take on a fair amount of the design work. Some teams are small enough that developers have to do design as well.

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking here. Mockups don’t usually require coding knowledge, but if you are a full stack developer you will need to implement designs by coding.

Developing applications.


I do. 20 characters 20

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Everything is even clearer!!

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Exactly what I wanted!

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I’m currently a fullstack engineer working at vmware, straight from freecodecamp. Before that I was under the impression that fullstack engineers can build end to end solutions.

That is extremely misleading.

Sure, if the application is simple enough and delegates much of their backend to backend as a service companies, you can build “e2e” applications.

But for larger companies/projects, no. Because the more complex projects require novel solutions. You couldn’t just drop a 3rd party library in, or call an api and be done with it. It will require a much deeper understanding of the code you use.

I have yet to find someone that is an expert at svg animations and kafka topics. Or cross browser development and distributed systems. Those are completely orthogonal disciplines. Each requiring your full dedication to become super proficient in.

So what should you focus on as a fullstack dev?

How to learn.

A fullstack dev is a generalist. They know enough front end to figure out the rest, and enough backend to figure out the rest. Generalists are not experts in any domain. And that’s a great thing.

People often hear the phrase “Jack of all trades is a master of none” and immediately think it’s a negative statement. What they usually don’t realize is the original saying is actually

A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

So learn how to teach yourself. Learn how to build using good engineering practices. This way you can complete whatever task they throw at you.

While you’re at it, pick up a couple of areas that really interest you and become an expert in those. Being a subject matter expert in a couple of areas is good job security.

Best of luck!


Thanks. Everything’s really clear!