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I have started my attribute page on, but is not showing preview of what i have coded on the editor. I have stopped to try to figure out what i have not done right kindly help.
I am thinking doing it on another editor like atom, is that ok?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi @kosiyae!

You can choose to build the projects in which ever code editor you like.
When you finish the project you need to submit a link to the live project. So that is why codepen is suggested. You can also create a live page using github too if you want.

Okay, I have done it already on codepen, I have to learn to use it. It was hard but tried it
, and I work to improve it. Thanks alot for your help.

If you feel more comfortable with atom you can always just copy the code from there and paste into codepen and submit the link.

This is my first time for all these editors but Atoms seems easier, but I have to learn to use them. I am prepared for the challenge, if I don’t pass I do it again till I get right.