How bad is my situation?

I somehow reach OOP in basic JS but all I can do is complete 8KYU challenges in M I doing bad? However I repeat my lessons in FCC every now and then. Any suggestion is heartily welcomed

I understand the feeling you have. You can focus on more of the challenges in coding prep at the bottom of FCC curriculum, but that may be too advanced as well. I went all the way to the back-end section before I realized that it was frustrating not having a better grasp on challenges like in You can read some information about Data Structures and Algorithms if you want to improve on these concepts right away. I actually decided to focus on the more immediately practical aspects of DOM manipulation and not worry so much on the OOP pratices or functional programming. I am now using the Udemy course by Colt Steele to help understand the practical aspects in conjunction with the FCC curriculum. Hope that helps.

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