How beneficial would going to college be?

I’m going to work to try to earn some certification on here on freeCodeCamp. Now I’ve been wondering, how beneficial would it be for me to go to college? I’m currently going into my junior in high school and I put a lot into my academics and whatnot. College just has always seemed like the next logical path. I want to go into data science/analytics. How beneficial would college be if I work toward certification?

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Not having a college degree of any kind would make it significantly harder to get a job. If College isn’t an option, then that’s that, but if it is you would really be doing yourself a disservice by not going.

I always recommend, go to college if it is a reasonable option for you. It is much easier to get a technical job if you have a technical degree. Also, you get a lot more from college than just job potential.


You will need the degree for almost any job directly related to this field, as its heavily math based.

FCC can provide you a cert for its data science curriculum, but that wont be comparable to a college degree for CS or data science.

Besides the degree, which will get you through job filters, college can provide you with a lot of opportunity to “branch out” of just the learning content that can help you move along faster. From networking, staff, projects, faculty, clubs and job fairs, a college campus is built to help you learn and grow. Companies know this and will “look” for people to hire from a college as well.

FCC can be great as a supplement, but its goal is slightly different and I wouldn’t consider the two directly comparable. If you have the means to go to college for a degree in a relevant field, then I’d still do so. The cert and experience from FCC will only help you later :slight_smile:

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :+1:


Like all here, I say get the degree if you can. Funny thing is, I definitely feel like I have learned more on my own than in the college classroom… especially if you naturally take to coding. But it is very surprising what that peice of paper(degree) gets you… about doubles the callbacks and salary offerings you’ll get when looking for a job.

Thanks for the advice everyone! I was just wondering to make sure I didn’t waste anytime or anything of the sort. I do want to go to college and get that experience, along with stuff like joining a college marching band.

I’m reminded of an old thread that mentions some of the intangible benefits of going to college: Help about U.S college/university?

To recap the shortlist from that thread, some of the other benefits from going to college (as opposed to not going):

  • soft skills, working with your peers, & time management: you’ll need to master these to do well in your classes and get top grades
  • greater academic understanding of the world: most college curriculums require courses in a variety of subjects and not just in your chosen area of study; this will help make your knowledge well-rounded between subjects like math, science, writing, & communication
  • potential to gain many more friends in your life (some of which may be lifelong)
  • dating: I mentioned this before and will always reiterate it, because college is the best time and place you’ll get in life for this opportunity, don’t pass it up!
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