How can I add my social media page

How can I add my my social media page to my portofolio

You can provide a link to your social media profiles. For example, if you have a Twitter account named ankur2003, you can add a link to it with the <a> element:

<a href="">Twitter</a>

I did as you said but it didn’t work

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You’re using an HTML preprocessor in your pen. I’m not familiar with Slim, but it’s parsing your code differently. Go to your HTML settings and choose None from the HTML preprocessor dropdown.

How can I link my instagram

It’s the same with the Twitter example I gave. Just use the URL to your Instagram profile as the value for the href.

Like this

Not quite. Here’s what you’ll do: Go to your Instagram profile, then copy the URL from your browser’s address bar. Make an <a> element, then paste the URL as the value for its href.

can suggest me some sites where I can get the freecodecamp template for my portofolio

What do you mean by freecodecamp template?

Like the camper in the example code gave a template of some web designing studio .I also want want to give a template as my background.So,I decided to give a the template of freecodecamp

I gave this but it isn’t appropriate

Are you sure you want to use that image as a background? You might want to try looking for more suitable background images.

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do you have instagram?