How can I be useful for a long period as an in-house web developer for a courier company?

Hi everyone,

I plan on trying to persuade a courier company CEO to employ me as his business’s personal in-house web developer. However, after I build his business a website and a certain online mini custom system he wants, how can I be value for money to him? This is what I mean by how I can persuade him to employ me long term, as the website development and main system will only take me a month max.

Here are some of my thoughts

  • I can maintain his website and mini system.
  • I can work on a google spider to get his website up the google listings.
  • I could help with hardware issues he has, as I’m halfway to completing my computer science degree and have the experience.

After these three ideas I couldn’t think of anything else.

If someone could add some ideas, I would really appreciate it.

You can generate analytics to help him understand how his customers are using his site and how they are interacting with products. Maybe to A/B testing on different offers, discounts.

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Great point, thanks for that.