How can I become a programmer?

How can I become a programmer?
Help me , please

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Have you been working with the FCC curriculum? It should help you get started on the first steps.

Unfortunately, I should learn by myself because it’s not my study field …but I don’t know from where I must start

I understand that you are a self-learner. So go here: and see if this might answer your questions.

Start with Basic Introduction to HTML and HTML5. You will be able to follow through and learn what you need.

It may help to try to get a better idea of what kinds of programs you want to write or applications you want to make. From there, you may need to do a little research on what technologies are utilized as well as what programming languages you’re skilled with and enjoy using. When you do establish a sense of direction, there’s countless free online resources to help you learn programming and advance your skills. To name a few other than freeCodeCamp, there’s CodeCademy, Zenva, Udemy, Udacity, and plenty of developers with Youtube channels.

Also, make sure you have a GitHub account set up, then start by making at least a few small projects and upload them to your GitHub so you have something to demonstrate your skills.
I hope this at least gives you an idea of a starting point. Please let me know.

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The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Original MIT Lectures

old. but SICP really is one of the single best programming books every created.

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Step 1: Learn to ask more specific questions.