How can I become a recognized FCC contributor?

I want to contribute by answering questions on FCC. But is there a way that, my contributions can be recognized so I can use it on my CV? Just so its verifiable.

I just list freeCodeCamp on my CV with my other voluneer or community service efforts.

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But how will the employer know you contribute to FCC and not just making it up?

I would mention it as extra carricular but unless someone from the site agrees to provide reference for it you may encounter issues.

Hi @cacious8 !

Quincy releases an article every year recognizing top contributors.
If you make it to one of the top contributors than maybe you can link that to your linkedin or something.


The reason I am asking how It can be verifiable is to avoid issues. This is considering that the contributions manual on the FCC github repo states that you can contribute by answering questions and by other means aswell. so I wanted to take advanced of the way am comfortable contributing but still be verifiable.

I say this because when you contribute by solving the issues on the repo, it shows that you are a contributor but not if you answer forum questions.

If you make contributions on GitHub or the forum, you can include a link to your profile if you feel inclined to provide proof. Your forum profile has plenty of stats on your activity an the forum.

I totally agree and maybe there is a moderator who could point you in that direction.

One just did :slight_smile:


I think this is what I will do instead. because the anual contributors list is just way too short to show the plenty people that are contributing to the forum.

there is always the forum classification> The freeCodeCamp Forum (this one is for the past month, where me, Jeremy, and Jessica are at the top). The top contributors’ list for the forum is based on that.


Alright, thats actually quite useful. thanks