How can I better understand the documentation?

Whenever I read the documentation for a technology, such as the npm documentation for a package, I just become lost. How can I better comprehend the docs?

A lot of it is just exposure. The more time you spend in a technology, the more context you’ll have.

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The only way I have been learning so far is watching tutorial videos. That is really one of the only ways I can learn, is by being shown from examples. The problem is that there is not a video for absolutely everything that shows every aspect of a technology.

Ok. So it sounds like what you are looking to improve isn’t specific to technical documentation but more general expanding your study skills to involve more learning comprehension.

Documentation is hard to use if you don’t have already understand the technology. It’s reference material, not learning material. You are always better off working through a tutorial.

Of course, for smaller npm packages, there is often only limited support available and even the documentation can be sketchy. Your best bet is just to follow the instructions and actually install and set up the package.

Simply reading technical documentation is fairly useless, in my experience. But reading and taking detailed notes after each paragraph can help.