How can I build my own projects to apply my code

Ive been coding for the past couple months and have progressed alot through the courses I realised though that I am learning something but I want to be able to apply what Ive learned outside of doing courses and stuff so theres no instructions and my hand isnt being held through everything Im a bit worried because Ive made it to html building a form (I just started it) Ive done Css colors , CSS,HTML responsive web design and Ive just done the courses passed all the steps then moved on to the next one but now im not sure if i even will be that good outside being given instructions and just a blank page to work on a project I need help does anyone know a good free way for me to work on projects outside freecodecamp I dont even know if this would be a website ,something I download onto my desktop e.t.c e.t.c Does anyone know where I should go

generally what people use in order to code their own thing is an IDE, which is basically a kind of app that makes coding a lot easier with a bunch of different features to help.
one of the most common IDE is VS, so if you would like to make your own thing the first step would be to get an IDE and customize it to your purposes, you can pick any IDE you like, afterall all of them do the same job.

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Ok thank you im gonna download that because im really lost on where to start from there is there anything else you can tell me? As a begginner what type of projects should I do so i dont get overwhelmed and also how do you reccomeny i split my time between the courses on freecodecamp and building my own project im gonna start with a project on the first language i learnt which was html responsive web design

I had kind of the same question here some time ago and someone recommended me www.frontendmentor. io . There you find tons of free (and purchasable) challenges for coding, from beginner level to pro. You get an image of the desired result, some starter files and lets go. After sending in your solution you can check other guys solutions.


that actually helped me too lol.

also to answer your questions adamaskaj94, i reccomend doing, well, your own thing, or really any project that seems simple enough to do in a few days, and about splitting your time… idk bro just do what you feel like doing, every time u wanna continue to code something just pick weather u want to learn courses on FCC or work on a project you like, as long as you dont do too much of either one you should be on the right track, theres a really good video ive seen about learning anything the other day, i hope it helps to link it here:

thank you Im already planning my first project and this really helped :face_holding_back_tears: Im very excited to start

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im gonna check out the website it sounds like just what i need thanks :slight_smile:

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good luck on your journey!

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