How can I code a similar forum page?


I dream of imitating such a forum community:

Whats technology is it based on according to you? Does it use CSS extensively? Which tools do I need to do something like this?

I thuink this forum is very well-made; The colours, fonts, styles, and disposition.

If you scroll all the way down, you can see the name of the company that makes the forum platform. Clicking it will take you to

It’s like a ready forum from Invision Community. You install it in a host and BOOM! you have your own forum. It is written in Javascript, php and MySQL.

However, from what I see, it is not free. So if you used it, there are a very big chance that it will get down.

Yes thanks I was the Invision Communit logo. But if I want to create sucj a forum from scratch, only through coding with JS and PHP, is it possible?

Obviously it’s possible, because someone wrote the platform in the first place. It wouldn’t be easy or quick though.

Yes it is. But it’s a huge undertaking. Here’s an older guide that may better guide you

Of course it’s possible, as these forums are written in these languages at first place.

Anyway, it is going to be harder obviously but there’s no arguing that the forums you build are much better than ready forums like these, not to mention that if you tried to get a hacked forum script, you’re risking getting discovered.

I’m a beginner in these stuffs, so correct me if I’m wrong please.