How can I complete my frontend certification?

How can I complete my frontend certification?
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I was about to complete my frontend certification, just 2 tasks were pending, simon game & pandora clock.


Do you mean how to get the frontend cert? There are 6 new certs added, plus 3 from the old curriculum. You can find them by going to the settings page, scroll down to the bottom. Submit all the required projects and claim the certification.


Actually that’s totally incorrect from what I can see it’s impossible to find the instructions any longer. So I’ll have to rely upon my colleague for guidance, which not everyone has the luxury of doing. Yes we can submit the URL to the legacy area, but without the instructions we are all running blind, which is why the question was asked.


Found the projects!

See attached. They are in the Take Home section in the last section. I had even tried to search for the Simon Says game and it wouldn’t find it, so I happened upon it quite by accident.