How can I create a user-admin verification page?

Hi ! I am learning html and css and I want to create a user-admin verification page. But I don’t know where to start. Can someone help me? Your help is highly appreciated.

That’s going to involve routing and some kind of a server. You may not be ready to do something like that yet. There are some pre-fab auth services, but I don’t know how you will do that without some JavaScript in your web page.

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Thank you so much ! Any recommendation where I could learn this?

Any backend program will get you the basic skills you need. They teach these things here in the FCC curriculum.

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Thanks a lot, sir ! I am learning JavaScript now ! I know it will take a lot of time. But I hope I can do it.

Cool. If you are studying JS, then eventually you will get to Node (JS outside a browser, often used for servers). It’s very common to use Node with something like Express to create servers. With that you can do authentication. You will probably need a database (FCC teaches mongo) and there are auth libraries like Passport to help with that. The API and Microservices section of the FCC curriculum covers a lot of this ground.

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