How can I delete a thread I've created?

I can’t figure out how to delete a thread I’ve created. I posted a thread and later changed my mind, so is there a way I can delete it? Is this even possible?

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I’m not sure but I think you can’t, because it involves other posters, not just you. That’s why you can delete a post, but probably not a thread. However a moderator might close the topic - so people don’t continue contributing. In the meantime maybe you can add a [CLOSED] in the title?

And don’t sweat it, pretty much everyone has a thread or a post they wish could disappear, and life goes on.

what post are you wanting to delete ?

I think @AmirF27 wants to delete the whole thread (this one but wait for him to confirm :slight_smile:) but I’m curious: is it possible? A post ok, but a whole thread?

Yes, it’s this one. How can I tell moderators to close a thread?

@michaelhenderson will have a look :slight_smile:

(to be honest I don’t think it would be fair to delete the whole thing, it’s not just what you wrote but what others wrote too, and some of them wrote pretty long posts. Besides it didn’t end on a negative note at all. Just stop worrying. If the only thing we can do on these forums is to behave absolutely perfectly well, I don’t know for others but it’s not a place for me then. )

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@michaelhenderson Please let me know before you delete the thread (provided it’s possible).

Yeah I also feel bad for others who have spent their time typing out those replies. What about just closing it then? I think that’s the best of both worlds.

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If you think that the thread has gotten problematic and that it should be closed, you can use the flag button and a moderator will review it.

If you are just tired of getting notifications about a thread you are no longer interested in, you can change the tracking level:

put in a request to the MODS to LOCK thread, they’re pretty easygoing about that … :wink: