How can ı do get value in Sweet Alert Poppup Message Content?

I use JQUERY Datatable js and SweetAlert.js

There is a delete icon in datatable when click id get id and showing sweet alert confirm poppup . when click Yes it deleted fine working.

I want to get information about id’s = "TITLE"value to the warning message content


       **<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="deleteuser('')"><i class="fa fa-trash-o"></i></a>**

> SWEETALERT CODE This Point get need here (bold marked value) => text: " @TITLE are u want delete! id title text should come here

function deleteuser(userid) {
            title: "Are u sure?",
            text: "@TITLE are u want delete!",
            icon: "warning",
            buttons: {
                cancel: {
                    text: "Hayır, iptal!",
                    value: null,
                    visible: true,
                    className: "",
                    closeModal: false,
                confirm: {
                    text: "Evet, sil!",
                    value: true,
                    visible: true,
                    className: "",
                    closeModal: false

Can you post a link to your entire code (Codepen, JSFiddle, or github)? It would make it easier for use to help you.

Hard Process for me sample create here because ı can’t use anytime codepen etc.