How can I find a remote developer job?

I am Amani Abdullah software engineer from Syria looking for a job as front end developer Remotly I have three years experience in Syrian companies. I sent my reasume for many companies but I didn’t receive any replies please can anyone help me!
My skills are
Html, css, JavaScript,jquery, Bootstrap framework, php, yii framework, WordPress, beginner in React js, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Git lap, Bitbucket

Hello, I think you should change the title of your post so that it is a question. I thought your post was giving advice about finding a developer job.
Maybe the title could be something like, ‘How can I find a remote developer job?’


Hello @amaniABdullah - welcome to FreeCodeCamp!

If you have not already done so, create an account on LinkedIn so that tech recuriters will find you. Make sure you have a solid potfolio of previous work to show.

Take a few small jobs on one of the freelancing platforms like or just to name a few. Its a good way to gain public exposure.

Keep sending out those resumes!

Good luck…


Good, the title has changed.

I did a search on Qwant, and got quite a lot of remote dev job listings:

When you’ve been sending resumes, have you been responding to companies that have posted job ads, or just sending lots of e-mails?
Have you tried calling companies? I think people get so comfortable with sending e-mails, they forget that people respond well to proper human contact. Calling takes more effort, so may be regarded with more respect.

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thanks for advice but I can’t do that because American rules don’t allow any websites or companies to deal with Syria also there’s no online payment methods in Syria for that I only can search for a companies online outside United States

I am only sending reasum to posted jobs that meeting my qualifications not for all companies or all posts, also I have tried qwant I Will keep trying thanks for advice :slight_smile:

How can a company trust you?
Who are you?
Do you have a portfolio?

As you live in Syria, your situation is pretty unique. You might need to reach out for more local specialist knowledge. There’s a small WordPress group that meets every month in Damascus. You might want to attend and ask around re. what other Syrian web developers do when it comes to remote working.

Here’s the link to the Meetup page:

There are also a few freeCodeCamp local groups that you might want to join on Facebook. They’re pretty much inactive now, but you might be able to reach out to a few of their members on Facebook.

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Try looking for a job as a full stack developer

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most of companies give developers task for test before starting work remotely
I can say I am junior front end developer
actually I don’t have portfolio online but I can share my resume with some links for projects I have done in companies and you can contact them to make sure who I am

Hi there,

I think you will find that, as a junior dev, it will be very difficult to find remote jobs, especially without a portfolio. Just to play devil’s advocate here:

  1. Why should a company believe that a junior dev can handle the work without being surrounded by people who can readily offer help? This is the issue that I am currently facing: I have to build my portfolio so that employers who care enough to look at it will see that I can, in fact, handle their workload AND not need the support than an office environment provides.

  2. Do you have a Github account? Do you know how to use Git? If not, you should get your portfolio up there AND get proficient in using Git.

  3. How does your portfolio showcase the skills that you will need to have for the jobs you are applying for? Make sure that, when you do make your portfolio, that it shows that you know what you will need to know in order to hit the ground running as a junior, remote dev. If the job requires Bootstrap, make sure you have a project that shows you understand it (best practices followed, features explored and utilised, etc.).

I think you will find that getting hired as a remote junior dev will be next to impossible until you have a good, solid portfolio. Really, it is definitely worth the time and effort, and you will learn a TON doing i! :slight_smile:


So, short:

  • YOU want a remote job
  • THEY have to do the job: reading & trusting your “resume” (people lie all the time), contacting other companies

Overall, that’s not trustworthy. You want the job, but they have to do the job => they choose one of the other 10, 100, 1000 people who applied.

Question: If you would be the boss, and you have to choose from 20 people, why should you choose you with your current way of applying?

thanks helpful advice I am working on that’s now :blush: