How can I find projects for beginners

I am a beginner with HTML and CSS although my skills are improving weekly. I would like to find some projects that would expand on what I’ve learnt from completing the HTML/CSS course on this site and will expand on that knowledge.


Check out Frontend Mentor | Front-end coding challenges using a real-life workflow
There are projects for newbies and up.

Here is a walkthrough from freecodecamp. It will walk you through setting up an account and using the site and setting up and building a project. Learn HTML and CSS by Building an Order Summary Component

Good Luck!


Hey @ross-stenson Congrats on completing your responsive web design.I would suggest you try

  1. Frontend mentor

Remeber to continue with learning javascript its a core part of web design

Happy learning and a happy new year

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Hello @ross-stenson !

It is great to see you want to use your skills and hone them better.

With the suggestion by @albert_kucz , I am planning to check that out, too.

Thank you for providing this valuable question, and in the process inspiration, for another community member to do more with the skills we learn here.

Happy coding and Happy New Year!

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve started one of the front end mentor challenges, already noticing my motivation increasing :slight_smile:


I’ve completed one of the projects but am having difficulties finalising it.

On FrontEndMentor, I try to submit by solution, but the URL for the live site isn’t working. I have tried to use GitHub to make it live but the link is broken.

I am not sure if anyone is able to view the repository, I believe it is open to the public:

If someone could provide advice as to why it isn’t loading please.

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Awesome! I have not submitted any myself. I think I tried but then I started with more tutorials on CSS and learning JavaScript. I think there is a file that comes with each project that explains how to post it onto frontendmentor. I think it is a .txt file (it may be something else I can’t remember). Good luck!

One way is to trying to reproduce the sites you mostly visited.

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