How can I fix the regex, in order not to have double dashes "--"

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I ram out of ideas to solve this.
My print is this:


Im my mind I can’t lowerCase before the regex, because I lose the reference to add "- " before the CAPS letters.
Any ideias?

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function spinalCase(str) {
// "It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever."
// --David St. Hubbins
 return str.trim().replace(/\s|_|(?=[A-Z])/g, "-").toLowerCase()


spinalCase('This Is Spinal Tap');

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Challenge: Spinal Tap Case

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your regex capture both the space and the upper case letter, so if you have a space followed by a upper case letter, both will get the dash. I think you could change the look ahead to capture something only if it is not preceded by a space.

or add a look behind that will check of the upper case letter is preceded by an other letter, so you can also fix the dash at the beginning

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I managed, but in a very amateur way:

function spinalCase(str) {
  const x = str
.replace(/\s|_|(?=[A-Z])/g, "-")
.replace(/--/g, "-").replace(/^-/,"")
  return x 

Not fully happy with how this looks . I’ll try your ideas next, and see if I manage!

thanks to your inputs:

function spinalCase(str) {

  const x = str
    .replace(/\s|_|\W(?=[A-Z])|(?<=[a-z])(?=[A-Z])/g, "-")
  return x

You actually do not need the extra x variable. Also, you are repeating the following:


You can remove this duplication by making a slight change in the regex.