How can i get a text massage when someone orders in my e-commerce site

Hi fellow programmers of freecodecamp ! I am recently designing a e-commerce site for my client. In her site she wants to recieve a text massage containing order details(i.e names,quantity,price etc). I don’t know js much , so it will be great if you guys help me how can i do that or if you know comment me the code !!:grinning:


Are we speaking of SMS? Sending SMS with the details of the purchase may not be cheap depending on the details length (remember that an SMS has a maximum length of 160 characters). You could send an SMS with a link to the purchase and a short message instead.

Now, for sending them, the easiest way would be to use an API. I haven’t used any SMS API, but I’ve read good reviews of Twilio SMS. The service pricing is pay as you go, which means they won’t charge you if you don’t use it, otherwise each SMS starts at $0.0075.

I hope it helps and good luck on your project :slight_smile:,



thanks @skaparate for the information.

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I also can recommend atomic sms sender.

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