How can i get an example of my screen who is not execute

I am trying go write some HTML about HTML, but i have a problem,
everytime i want write an example of code, he actualy want to execute the code :
for example :
i want to wite an example of the src attribute (on images) - in an list :
so i wrote :

[<h3>Voorbeeld attributen :</h3>
            <li> <b> src</b> van het image element :  <img src="img_girl.jpg"> </li>

but instead of the code, he actuately looking for this image "img_girl " …

How can i work this out, so he is not looking anymore for the image, but instead give me the code , on my browser ?

(i would do this also for other attribute examples - href ,etc, … )


How to display raw HTML code on an HTML page

i could it know , but yeah…
Thanks (any new thing is hard , sorry for it )

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