How can I get through Javscript?

I am studying about JavaScript these days. But a few days ago, I saw this problem and thought about it, but failed to structure it.
I have no idea which one to start with.
How can I write a code?

[ Issue ]

Enter employee information into an array, transform it into an HTML element, and append it to 

[ Input ]

Factor 1:arr
Array with objects as elements
arr[i] has attributes such as 'firstName', 'lastName', 'age', 'role'
Properties such as 'firstName', 'lastName', 'role' are string type
Property 'age' is number type (1 or more integers)

[ Output ]

Do not create a separate return statement.

[ Precautions ]

 If you click on the name of an employee created with the <a> element, the provided 
 printRole function must be executed and the role of that employee must be output to the 

[Input/Output Example ]

 { firstName: 'Joe', lastName: 'Blow', age: 42, role: 'clerk' },
    { firstName: 'Mary', lastName: 'Jenkins', age: 36, role: 'manager' },

// --> 'ul#container' should be changed as below. 
<ul id="container">
   <a class="name">Joe Blow</a>
   <div class="age">42</div>
   <a class="name">Mary Jenkins</a>
   <div class="age">36</div>

[ Hint ]
ul#container is given.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<ul id="container"></ul>
</html> ```

show us your failed attempt, so we can see how to help you

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