How can i have a full screen backgrounds color for every <section>?


My native language is french so sometimes it’s hard for me to find what i’m looking for. I want to put a background that covers the whole screen that the user is viewing for every section .

Actually i’m trying to clone this website from scratch, it’s really hard but i love :heart_eyes: it and i want to do the same.

The portfolio i like :

Thanks for your help !

PS : i searched on W3schools, css tricks i can’t find it :confused:
I also want it to be responsive :stuck_out_tongue: Thaaanks

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding your question, but you should be able to specify the background color for each < div > (or even the entire < body >) with the background-color property.

If you’re talking about the rectangular frame on this site that changes color as you scroll down that’s more complicated and requires some javascript (unless there’s something I’m missing). Someone asks a similar question here

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I’m not exactly sure I understood your question correction but the CSS selector for everything is the asterisk (*). So at the top of your CSS file if you put something such as:

  • {
    background-color: red;

… then the entire background should be red.

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It’s EXACTLY that !! The rectangular frame that changes color.
THANK YOU ! :grin:

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