How can I improve my code?


I have recently started to learn to code with FCC…
I completed the Product Landing Page. I am not sure how I can improve it… My page doesn’t seem right with the responsive layout, but I can’t figure what’s wrong… I would love to have some feedback from the community.

Thanks :smiley:

Hello@yankiu55, Meet your friend @media queries, use a lot of them, as it worked for me in my survey form project. This is my product landing page it’s still in the kitchen and it has taken me about 7 days 3 hrs per day.

What I have learned in my 3 projects is, try something small see the difference if it doesn’t show find out why, and repeat the process. It’s kinder like eating bread, you can’t do it in one mouth full, but you can if its tinny bits, so just try one section at a time and you will see the difference.


Eating bread is an awesome example! I see what you mean, I will have to take more time to know our friend @media queries :joy:

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