How Can I Improve This Website

I recently made a website using html, css, js and I am working on a page where the user can contact me via php
Here’s the url: Areze - Front End Dev
How Can I Improve This Website?
Any help appreciated

while simple black&white template might have its charm i find it kinda dull, esp when there are no images/shapes/forms to break the air. To me there seem to be too much empty space and margins/padding too wide at places. These are all appearance preferences ofc. An actual flaw i found was on the chart that appear when you click “learn more”. If you hover over the tooltip of a chart bar, it prevents the tooltip to switch to another bar hovered. Idk if that makes sense? Anyway it was a common issue i had while completing D3 projects and there is a simple solution- disable the tooltip pointer events, which wont prevent mouseover events on bars while your cursor is over the tooltip as well. ( pointer-events: none )

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