How can i in Chrome to clear credentils I do not need?

Working with laravel many my applications use url like
and my my Chrome 94 under kubuntu 20.04 keeps them all.
If there is a way to clear credentils I do not need now?

Thanks in advance!

What type of credentials are you referring to, cookies, saved logins, or what?

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Logins saved for my prior apps by this url

Look at the link I gave.

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Thanks, I found setting page ypou mentioned…
But the thing is that in browser in hosting I see 9 saved
passwords on url : Screenshot by Lightshot

But when in Chrome I open page chrome://settings/passwords (I suppose you mean this page ?)

I see only 1 password : Screenshot by Lightshot
and I can not clear all these 9 passwords. Where can I clear them ?

That looks like the LastPass extension. Read the docs to see how to clear saved logins.

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