How can I keep my job while doing full time bootcamp?

I recently joined a workplace, after`6 months and job hunting and 41 rejection but after 1 week I got selected in a Bootcamp on scholarship which is a big big news for me as I believe I do have lack of knowledge where I need guidance as I keep loosing job over and over again during my 10 yrs and now I want it to be stable

No doubt I had been doing a lot of CSS work but as a FE CSS is just a part of the story and with the world changed since I started it is all API’s and JS and I have learned a lot from FCC and other websites but I am slow learner, the Bootcamp will give me 1-2-1 mentorship which I think will break me away from loose of things that holding me back and I will have full time no interruption (which I couldn’t have).

Given the situation, I fear that if I tell my manager about the scholarship (which is only one time) and asking him for 3 months arrangement they might terminate me but at the same time, I also fear that what If I don’t find work about Bootcamp as I anticipated and I will have a grim situation.

The flipside of this is if I say no to Bootcamp which is free for me (worth 7k GBP), I will work on the job and if they don’t like my work (given my history of losing work in term from few months to a max of 1.5 yr) I will let of an opportunity and again on the market with same old skillset.

How can I talk to my manager into asking them that I want to do this Bootcamp as it will greatly help me in my job as FE to become FS in JS and still keep my job while making some arrangement or am I being too naive?

Talk to them about it. Generally it could been seen as high quality training given to you for free the company doesn’t have to pay for. However, they don’t want a conflict of interest that keeps you from doing the work you where hired for.

So this might mean you won’t be able to focus on your job as much if you try to do the full bootcamp as it would take up to much of your time, which is something work will have to decide on.

I’d say there are few things at this point.

  1. Don’t try to do both at full capacity.
  2. Don’t keep it a secret you got into the bootcamp

If work has their own training, then it might be more relevant than the bootcamp. Or maybe the bootcamp is higher quality and work wouldn’t mind if you used it to learn. Saves them some money.

Or its possible work needs what you know now and cant afford you to learn thru the bootcamp, of which some of what you should already know anyways. You got the job already right?

Its also possible you balance both, focus on the job, which your paid for, and learn a bit on the side from the bootcamp. Sure you might not get everything from the bootcamp as much as possible, but it is something I’d assume you can slightly leverage and still get some things out of.

They’re not going to fire you just for asking if it’s possible to take a leave of absence. It sounds like the part that you’re struggling with right now is deciding what you’ll do if they say “no”.

it is because I really wanna skill up and don’t want to loose the job as well. I had history of loosing job and getting a oppertunity such a 100% free is totally mind blowing and might change my career.

They can say no because in first week of my work I made such request, I fear that I haven’t proved anything and they might lay me off because in business 3 months is ALOT!

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