How can i know who bought what from my website React js Stripe.js

Im currently creating a ecommerce website the transaction works i tested it but
how can i know who bought which item from my store.Im using React js

You will need to share a link to your code in order for anyone to be able to help you.

Thank you.

if you never ask better questions, you can’t get getter answers

there is not the stackoverflow policy here, we just ask you give enough infos for it to be possible to answer

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where can i store my code i tried codepen but there was too much files and wanted subscribtion so do you know any free websites to store my files

If your website is too big for the free version of CodePen, you can at least put the files on GitHub so others can view your code. That way we will have some context for the questions you are asking.

React isn’t going to be a significant factor here, because this logic will need to be handled by your backend application. You’ll need a database that contains customer and order information.

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Your question doesn’t make sense, but here are some things to consider:

  • if a user clicks on “buy”, you can of course show them a message “item successfully purchased”, but you might want to make sure that you only display that message if the transaction was actually made
  • to make that transaction, you’ll need the user’s data (name, email), a transaction method (paypal for example), and shipping address
  • you’ll have to store that information in a database
  • if you have that information, you can easily find out who bought what