How can I learn HTML & CSS under a week?

I’ve received an internship test that requires me to design something using HTML/CSS. However, my only coding experience is in Python, and I’ve only learnt basic syntax and OOP to model physical phenomenon. How should I go about this? Will it even be possible? I’m also studying in uni at the moment so it’s hard to devote 24/7 into this :confused:

Edit: Thank you so much for all your replies guys! I was busy the whole day and have to sleep soon but I’ll definitely read everyone’s messages!

Start doing the Responsive Web Design Projects on freecodecamp, learn the basic of css and html, box-model and positions. Don’t do tutotial, trust me, do the projects and google and read documentations. Good lucks!

Emm… it’s more simpler than the Python I think.
The BootCamp course Usually finnish a project like Amazon with HTML&CSS in a week!
But I recommend u learn it in freecodecamp! cause in BootCamp we will lost our creativity, and passion in there… at last I’v lost in BootCamp.
(bootcamp 14hours every day!..freecodecamp probably takes a week to learn. )

Hey Charles. The replies above are very enthusiastic but not particularly realistic.

HTML/CSS isn’t particularly difficult when compared to other programming languages but there is an awful lot of it. I would also wonder whether a Web Dev internship would require the applicant to have at least some visibility of Javascript too.

You could probably learn quite a lot in 6/7 days but could you do enough lessons and recall it all (whilst at the same time honouring your own school work)? That feels like a big stretch to me. I was working on a tricky css hover effect last night for an end of unit project and just getting that right took 4 hours.

You’ll learn enough in a week to make a nice simple website but then you won’t have a lot of time remaining to actually make the site. Is this exercise the thing that will decide your internship? If it is, then I’d be amazed if you could come up with something that would rival anything that someone that had been programming HTML for a while could come up with.

How have you ended up with such a small time frame? I wonder - if you could expand on what you’re going to need to do - whether the members could give you some more accurate advice. At the moment you’re talking in very broad strokes and it might be that you only need to concentrate on a very small part of CSS / HTML to get through.

Let us know and good luck.

What are the requirements of what you need to do?

Is it just HTML/CSS? Do you have colors, layout etc already provided?

Many people make the mistake of thinking…oh it’s easier and I’ll just have the (database admin, rando in account, whatever) do it. And it always fails. As Ascii said…I’m very doubtful a week will get you anywhere close.

You can learn it in a few days but what ever you make will look like like shiz

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