How can i make a code editor

i want to make a admin panel that you can add and remove code im going to build it with react js i didnt found any source if you guys have any tutorial or a name of it please give me.

This is really broad, depending on your goal. If you want something simple where users can type, you can just use a text box input. If you want something like what freeCodeCamp has, I strongly suggest that you don’t make your own. freeCodeCamp, for example, uses monaco editor. For something with a bunch of features, you’re best using an open source solution. If the one that you find doesn’t match your needs, you could always try contributing improvements to the project. Worst case, you could fork the project and maintain your improvements yourself.

ok i have one more question how can i change the text on a deployed website with input fields?

I’m not sure I’m completely understanding the question, but you can make a page respond to input. That’s what inputs are for.

ok but i really have to ask this how can i make admin role with firebase so that normal users can’t access the admin page.

Maybe this?

I don’t see how that is at all related to a project for writing a code editor? I just don’t understand what you want :man_shrugging:

i want to make an admin panel so that the admin can change the header title the description add products remove products i wasn’t able to find any guide or tutorial to make an admin panel.

You would just have a flag in your React code on whether or not the signed in user has admin privileges. With that flag you would toggle whether or not the input field is disabled.


Sounds like you want a CMS, a CMS does exactly what you want where you can add/remove things while also customizing the website. It may be better for you to invest in learning Wordpress or another CMS to integrate into your projects.



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