How can i make a notebook themed website

I want to make a website (for sharing high school memories with friends) and i want it to give it a notebook theme, with pages like these

And the part i cannot really figure out is how do i make it multi page (Would love to add a “page-turn” animation but i just do not know how :no_mouth:) but even without animations how can i layer pages and display different ones for each topic

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  • you can use different html files
  • you can make it one page using JavaScript DOM manipulation or a framework (ex. React) to change the content of the page by pressing a button
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OK thanks i’ll brainstorm a bit more

You can check this pen, and you can mix the pen above to get your result. In a single line, you need to css animation and javascript function to achieve your output :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot man :grin:
You are a total lifesaver