How can I make a user entry not count as a a range entry(Python)?

#This is a test/fun project I’m doing to do a coded type-along program that
#accompanies the song “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure.
#Basically you can type along to the song as it plays.
#Basically, you type: “Monday” The programme responds with “Blue”.
#At the guitar parts, I want the user to hit the enter button (ValueError created) and
#musical notes will appear on the page using the random script.

import random

print('OOOOOH! Welcome to the Day-bot generator')
print('Choose your day of the week.')
days = ['monday', 'tuesday', 'wednesday', 'thursday', 'friday', 'saturday', 'sunday']
while True:
        for stanza1 in range(0,5):
            fiil = ['Blue', 'Gray', 'Too', 'I Dont Care About You', 'IM IN LOVE']
            x = input()
        for stanza1 in range(0,7):
            fiil = ['Fall Apart', 'Break my Heart', 'Break my Heart', 'Doesnt Even Start', 'IM IN LOVE', 'Wait', 'Always Comes too late']
            x = input()     
if ValueError: # NEED HELP with the CODE here.
            b=['~~~~', '~~♫~~~~~♫','~~~~♩~~♫~', '~~~~~~♫♫~~', '~~~♫,~~♩~~','~~~~♫', '♬~~~~~', '~~~♬♩~~~~']
            z= random.randint(0,7)
        ## Whenever I type a false value. nice squiggly music come out.
        ## jumps back to the start of the code everytime
        ## I need it to jump back to where the user left off. 

##Thank you for helping. Its my third day writing any kind of code so pls forgive me for any bad questions.