How can I make a wlan game?

I want to make a WLAN game.
What should I use?
Python(Django), Php(Laravel).
Django is preferred.
Need help…is there a tutorial I can follow along with.

It’s not so much a language but the technology being used. If you wanted to create a multiplayer game over a network, then I suggest looking into websockets and the use of observable.

Where can I get a tutorial on it.
I am a beginner.
Could you tell me what I need to know…please?

web sockets is a several part beast one needs to understand:

Of course this is just the way networking communication typically works for multiplayer games. It will help to develop a paradigm when coding the actual game mechanics. Game development is a bit an unique beast in terms software and web development

Zenva Academy has good resource for game development that you can follow through on for free. Most of it is centered around Javascript.

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Thanks a lot!

No, it isn’t free

Not the tutorial in the link. They have free tutorials on their site. It takes a little bit of digging to find them.

Thanks a lot! 20 characters