How can I make point system using PHP and Mysql?

I am trying to add point system on my website. I want to add point system that if user A did some action user B will get points. The user B will get points 1 hour = 1point, 2hours = 2points and so on. All users start point 0 and I would like to system that user can store their points. I created mysql table which include user id, point and etc. I am not sure what I should do the next step. Any help will appreciated.

You need to show us any code you currently have and be much more specific in what actions the users will be doing to give the other points. Maybe you should write out a short story of how the users would be interacting and based on those interactions, how the points would change. If you can explain what should happen in written language, it will show that you understand all of the pieces you will need to develop. Once you have “proved” out your logic on paper, then you can begin to code your solution and at least with a well written description, others here on the forum will be able to guide you, because they will also understand the direction you are taking with the project.

The more details you can provide will help. You can never provide too many details. :grinning:

Thank you! That is a good advice :slight_smile: I will work on the logic and try it myself. I will post detail question when I get stuck.

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