How can i make projects

I have completed responsive design projects but after it i didn’t motivate myself to do other projects.I ended up with many tutorials on different sites but it didn’t help me to get good knowledge of practical can i do that?

Maybe try to watch video reviews, personally, I can never do anything if I read a manual or instruction. And the video helps to figure it out faster.

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I didn’t get video review means??

Have you tried keeping up with FreeCodeCamp curriculum? It gives you a nice on-ramp and by the time you are done with it you have a lot of projects done.

Or are you saying that those projects does not motivate you and you are struggling to find some other examples?

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I am saying I did not have motivate myself to do that projects.

Maybe it’s time to build a real website. You could check if there is someone in your neighbourhood you could build for. Think of small organisations that don’t have money to pay for a website.

Or you could help them change an existing website into something more modern if they have an old one. Even small adjustments can make a huge difference and it’s easier for a beginner than building a new website.

Such projects might just give you enough motivation and you’d make some people very happy.


This guy has some awesome project tutorials in his channel, well worth the time.