How can i make the link internal ?please

I cant understand how can i change the link

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<a href="">Jump to Bottem </a>


<footer>Copyright Cat Photo App</footer>

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Challenge: Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements

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There are a couple issues with this code.

  1. There is a typo in “Jump to Bottom”
  2. To make an internal link you should replace the URL with something like #id-name. You also need to define your id later in your code.

An example of #2 would be…

<a href=#last>Last Paragraph</a>

<some code>

<p id=last>This is the last paragraph</p>

Your’re Suppose to change

<a href="">Jump to Bottom </a>
<a href="#footer">Jump to Bottom </a>

The #hashtag allows you to go to jump to a section within the page you are on
hope that makes sense.
Please Check your spelling too You spelled Bottom, ‘bottem’.