How can I pass both user story 8 and 9 simultaneously?

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(Please do tell me if ‘Project Feedback’ is the wrong forum for this and the ‘Javascript’ forum would be better suited)

With the -1 in the following line of code (line 109), I am able to complete user story 8, but not user story 9. If I eliminate the -1 the opposite happens, I am able to pass user story 9 but not 8.

.attr('data-month', (item) => item[1]-1)

What could I try to pass both?

The user stories are:
User Story #8: The data-month , data-year of each cell should be within the range of the data.
User Story #9: My heat map should have cells that align with the corresponding month on the y-axis.

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Challenge: Visualize Data with a Heat Map

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Since you are still working on this then javascript is a better section for this question.

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