How can i put my Codeplayer online safely

Hi Campers!

been a while, I haven’t been coding for a couple of months now, some personal things were more important.
Now I’m starting up again and started updating my portfolio page.
I wanted to add my Codeplayer to my list, but i’ve heard that it can be dangerous if you don’t secure it against the bad guys. Something about them being able to code their way in your computer via the Codeplayer.

Does any of you know how to make it safe? I would love to add it to my site.

thanks for the help!

I am not familiar with Codeplayer. What is it?

I thought that’s what is called, since they called it that way in the course I did.:grin:

It’s the same as codepen or something like it. A way to type your code online and see direct result.

You say you’ve heard that it can be dangerous if you don’t secure it again the bad guys. Where did you read this and what can the bad guys do if you don’t secure it? If it is like Codepen, then there is nothing to secure, because it is designed to be accessed by anyone.

Sorry for being so vague, I can’t find anything on it myself.

It was in the course : the complete web developers course 2.0.

He said it in the course while making it, to watch out when putting it online 'cause hackers could potentially do harm trough it, I don’t know how.
It’s just 3 input fields in which you can type HTML5, CSS and JS. And then an iframe in which you see your result.

I don’t want to be the guy to destroy the internet 'cause I didn’t listen.

When you put a page on a public website, everyone can view the html, css, and JavaScript code. As long as you are not putting any private information like social security numbers, bank account numbers, and such then I can not think of how you could be harmed. Send an email to the video author and ask for specifics.

That’s probably best, thought there might be an easy answer. Just want to make sure it’s safe before putting it on my site. Don’t want to ruïn it.
Thanks for your time :blush: