How can I remove Github Auth from a web-app? / What's the simplest Node/NPM auth package?

Question 1. Can anyone recommend a simple Node auth package? Looking for something that just lets users sign up with a username and password. No email verification necessary.

Captcha auth is also interesting. Gthub use one wherre you have to pick out the picture of a guitar. Does anyone know what library this is?

  1. I cloned this repo and have it on my local;

Right now it uses Github auth, which I’m still debugging. I’d like to remove auth completely so I can look at it on my local.

Once I make a new git branch, what’s the safest way to remove authentication?

Im not sure of the proper procedure for removing npm packages, or what pitfalls I should look out for.

The web-app needs to act like users are already authenticated.

Thanks if you have any leads.