How can I save and customize web page code documentation?

Hello everyone.I am reading Java Language Specification these days.I want to customize and add my code experiences into this documentation.I know that I cannot change page contents unless I have the access to their servers.

I have following solutions and I wonder that is there a better way to customize web page document.

Solution 1:
I can save all java documentation and edit web page with notepad++.I am able to customize this documentation with HTML and CSS.But working with HTML and CSS is painful I cannot add useful features easily such as code highlighting.

What makes you say that you cannot add code highlighting? Just take a look at the css classes that are already there and see if they can help. For example here:

the grey formatting box is applied by adding the class literallayout

Alternatively, maybe a tool like scrible works for you (I haven’t used it, but it looks like it fits what you want)

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