How can i see all possible values after a css statement

What package makes it possible to see this like in the picture

Atom can do something like that.

Any package for sublime text? ?

Atom does that out of the box - no need to add any extra packages.

I use sublime text instead of atom

I’m sure there is some way to add functionality to Sublime. With Atom, you just add “packages” to the editor. Try checking out Sublime’s preferences to see if there is some way to add on so-called packages.

You can go to Preferences --> Settings and check if auto_complete is set to true?

 // Enable auto complete to be triggered automatically when typing.
    "auto_complete": true,

Or you could add a plugin like SublimeCodeIntel

Are you sure it works? I have it on true,

ANd i have the sublimecodeIntel my settings are default.

How about when you press Ctrl + Space ?

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Oh yea that works. Guess it’s good enough since i won’t be using the future all the time.

Glad I’ve helped. I’m curious though why you don’t have auto_complete as you type. I suspect that SublimeCodeIntel is overriding the default “as you type” auto complete.
Could you check in your SublimeCodeIntel settings? for example:
There may be something like this:

       Sets the mode in which SublimeCodeIntel's live autocomplete runs:

       true - Autocomplete popups as you type (the default).
       false - Autocomplete popups only when you request it.
    "codeintel_live": true,

EDIT: I’m attaching a screenshot showing you where to find SublimeCodeIntel’s plugin settings:

Ye i see it and it’s set to true

So you think the intel overrides the default as you type auto complete. I have tried deleting codeIntel and it didn’t work and i have tried setting it to false and that also didn’t work

ok, then some other plugin maybe?
For example Emmet has autocomplete things too.

	// Disable completions of HTML attributes
	// with this option disabled, you can get attribute list completions
	// inside opening HTML tags.
	// WARNING: with this option disabled, Tab key expander will not
	// work inside opening HTML attributes
	"disable_completions": false,

	// With this option enabled, all Emmet's CSS snippets
	// will be available in standard auto-complete popup
	"show_css_completions": true,

There has to be a plugin that overrides the desired auto_complete behavior.