How can I select the right platform for rest api development between nodejs and php

I want to start to write a rest api for my accounting application.

I know to do with PHP + Mysql and NodeJS with MySQL ( or other db ). But I stuck here because I can’t decide which technology I should use. PHP is strong language and has multi thread capability but isn’t asynchronous. Also we can use MySQL’s transactions where are very important.

In the other side we have the raising technology. NodeJS with a ReactJS front end ( I think ) is a good stack to do this job. However some things in Node.JS are harder and I want to use third party modules etc. But node.js is very fast I think. However it wants a load balancer for multi threading because is single thread. But it’s also asynchronous…

Please tell me how can I select right things , technologies to do a REST API for accounting application.

Why not play around with what you already know and replace something of it with the new stuff? See what works best for you :3 since it’s diffrend for everyone.

Sometimes I’m losing my confidence with this type.problems